Comments One-of-A-Kind Extra-Special Wood Art by Greg Little  Greg Little (225) 612-4589       Greg Little Woodworks
    You are extremely creative and very good at what you do. ... I have been collecting wooden boxes for many years.. and can easily say that your boxes and sculptings are so very unique and one of a nothing else I have seen before. Your customers (such as me) excitedly wait for your next creation  --Patty  Greg, you have truly perfected the carved box and all the skills it takes to make one. What a joy to see the work of a master craftsman. Whatever the price, your patrons are getting a product that very few people in the world could produce. Just when I think you are at the pinnacle of perfection…you surprise me, and make a box that is even nicer than the last one I saw. Keep boxing and may all your sales be big ones. Thanks for taking us along on your journey. -- Big Al in TN You are surely the master at making those gentle curves on these. I really like the wood combo on this one. (think I said that on every box of yers) Just incredible. I can’t stop lookin’ at it -- Roger, Kentucky Another master piece Greg. As with every new box you build, I think this is my favorite. Until the next one anyway… JoeyG They are amazing. Your time spent on each one shows your desire for perfection.  Absolutely awesome job. Beautiful grain and beautiful job showing it. You’re always an inspiration. Monte P. Greg, I’m running out of praise faster than you’re running out of boxes. The sinker cypress is definitely my favorite. For some reason this one has a prehistoric look (like that dinosaur with the three horns). You finish continues to amaze me……Andy.   Jenks, OK. Been out of town for a few days and came back to see this….... WOW, another absolutely beautiful done by the master sculpter !!! The rosewood is just fantastic with a superb beautiful grain and you have done it justice with your skills!!! Gene…Pollock Pines, CA Hi Greg, Our box arrived this evening.  The box is beautiful and we love it.  We could see by the pictures vast numbers of tree rings but seeing the box in person really is impressive.  We are very appreciative of your help and masterful workmanship in providing us with such a beautiful work of art.  It is a treasure box meant to hold what we consider to be treasures of our loved one.  Truly fitting to be as old as the wood is.  Thank you very much.  David and Robyn Temples Wichita, Kansas Greg,  Just wanted to say that I received my sculpted box I ordered and had to tell you:  What a work of art!  Really a beautiful piece, looks great on my nightstand.  Can't stop looking at it!   Thanks again, Eric....Atlanta, Ga. Hey Greg , I have fallen in love with your work, your boxes just leave me speechless which I’m told is very difficult to do, love, love, love your work MrKixx in Calgary Hello Greg...    I received the box and wanted to let you know what a beautiful work of 'wood art' you created... My wife just loved it and the sculpted box is now on display on our coffee table, for all to see,and admire. I'll have to save up for another one for my own personnel box collection... seeing my wife confiscated this one.  Thanks so much.   Best Regards,   Mark Deschamps Greg, thank you again sir.  We love our first box from you so much that we did not hesitate to order another since we needed it. Your work is a masterful creation of beauty.  We hope to order more in time.  Thank you again so much and the best wishes for you and your family  David & Robyn Temples
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